Childcare from Birth to Age 2

OS X 10.9
Childcare from Birth to Age 2 is the next generation of iFetal Pregnancy Calculator designed for both doctors and patients. It provides the necessary information for optimal childcare from birth to 2 years of age including: - when to book for the next well-child appointment - when to book for recommended vaccinations and what they are - 8 standard growth charts based on the data from the latest World Health Organization studies - Unlimited number of measurements on each growth chart to be saved for follow-ups - automatic trend feature for growth measurements - expected milestones and behaviour including daily sleep hours, positioning, teething, sitting, standing, walking, reflexes, visual, social, cognitive, language, adaptive and more - Everything you need to know about breast-feeding including AAP and WHO recommendations, storage, thawing the frozen milk, diet for lactating moms, jaundice, contraindications and more - Complementary foods, when to start and what they are - A standard self screening test to detect postpartum depression with instant results to be printed or saved as PDF or shared by email or iMessage - Database to keep all data for follow-up visits - Easy to use interface, all functions are achieved by just one or two clicks - Intuitive, your comments are automatically organized based on the date and time - Drag and drop functionality to add photos to the child's file - and more.