Color Juicer

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Color Juicer is an app that extracts dominant colors from any image! Simply open the Vaunt app on your menu bar, drag and drop an image and click on a color of your choosing. Here are the new available formats for your clipboard: Hex Android ARGB Android RGB CGColor CMYK CGColor RBG CSS RGB CSS RGBA Java RGB Java RGBA .Net RGB .Net ARGB NSColor Calibrated HSB NSColor Calibrated RGB NSColor Device CMYK NSColor Device HSB NSColor Device RGB NSColor HSB NSColor RGB NSColor SRGB Swift NSColor Calibrated HSB Swift NSColor Calibrated RGB Swift NSColor Device CMYK Swift NSColor Device HSB Swift NSColor Device RGB Swift NSColor HSB Swift NSColor RGB Swift NSColor SRGB Swift UIColor HSB Swift UIColor RGB UIColor HSB UIColor RGB