OS X 10.6.6
All Kind of Gorgeous Splashing Effects... we have added a 'Framer' and a 'Shape Splash' so you can bring class and very trendy design effects to your photos, that no other apps can do! With ColorSplasher you turn your images in a vibrant Black and White, Sepia or Cyanotype(Blue) Color Combo and brush or frame back to Color the areas you want to pop-out... • Create a frame effect in one click: simply drag the corners of your frame, resize, rotate or even create a parallelogram • Use the image (logo…) of your choice and use it as a cutout.. Resize/Rotate/Distort/Move the cutout and splash colors within! • QUALITY!!!! ColorSplasher has the most advanced algorithm to create the perfect Black&White, Sepia or Blue Tones. You can fine tune with your own color filter and create a rich Black and White image full of details! The black and white conversion offered is WAY more sophisticated than any other 'splash' application and makes a huge difference. • Very unique blend to color that brings a unique dimension to the new black and white/sepia/blue tone. • FAST, tune your brush easily to splash out your colors, resize your brush just with your mouse, no back and forth over your screen to find the correct radius! Powerful undo brush and visualisation of your selection... • Adjust your colors thru Hue Saturation Lightness to make your image even more vibrant! • Easily and visually ZOOM/PAN thru a navigator on your images for precise work. • No limitation to a certain picture size like other spash apps. • You can work with MULTIPLE images. Perform the effect on a batch of images... • You can in one click compare a before/after effect • Side by Side compare before/after effect • Ability to Crop Photos Before or After the effect is done. • You can directly save back to Aperture/IPhoto • Ability to add a Vintage Vignette effect with adjustable exposure • ColorSplasher lets you save or load all major file formats • Online manual and help Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask... We are highly dedicated to the quality of our tools and give support!