Course For Motion 5 106 – Editing In Motion

OS X 10.9
OK. So you’ve got all this wild text, multiple objects, particles, generators and replicators silently flying around the screen. Now what? In this tutorial by Michael Wohl, learn how to Edit, Retime and add Audio to heighten the power and “emotion” of your motion graphics... To become a fast and efficient Motion operator means that you’ve got to know your way around Motion’s timeline. And who better to teach you these required skills than Master Editor Michael Wohl. In this tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know to edit your Motion projects to perfection. You’ll create layers. You'll also see how useful it can be to group them, to keep things organized and functional. Then there’s an essential section on creating and navigating with markers to speed up your workflow. From there Michael goes into retiming. He shows you everything from simple speed changes to creating retiming behaviors from scratch. And there's one more thing: Motion 5 does audio, too! Learn how to add, mix, pan and how to create cool audio behaviors in this no stone left unturned video tutorial program! Take your Motion 5 projects to the next level and master the art of FX editing by going on this in-depth video tour with Michael Wohl! Table of Contents: 01. Introduction 02. The Timeline Layers List 03. The Timeline Track Area 04. Setting In and Out Points 05. Move Selected Point 06. Marking the Play Range 07. Zooming In the Timeline 08. Groups vs. Layers 09. Splitting Clips 10. Editing Clips into the Timeline 11. Deleting Objects 12. Numerical Editing 13. Slipping Video 14. Adding Markers 15. Editing and Navigating Markers 16. Deleting Markers 17. Simple Speed Changes 18. Numerical Speed & Reverse Playback 19. Frame Blending Options 20. Adding an End Condition 21. Retiming Behaviors 22. Time-changing Filters 23. Viewing Audio 24. Adding Audio Clips 25. Mixing Audio 26. Audio Pan Settings 27. Audio Behaviors 28. The Audio Parameter Behavior 29. Alignment & Distribution