Dataplicity – Terminal for Pi

OS X 10.12
Remotely access your Raspberry Pi shell from any network without dynamic DNS, portforwarding or VPN. For more information, visit * DOES IT WORK BEHIND NAT? Yes. The client initiates a secure websockets connection to the Dataplicity service. This means that it works most places where there are firewalls, NAT or other network obstructions in place. * HOW DATAPLICITY WORKS The Dataplicity client uses a opportunistically-connected secure web connection to provide a communications channel between your device and Dataplicity, and your web browser attaches to the other end of that channel. * DO I NEED TO ENABLE SSH? No. Dataplicity does not require SSH, telnet or any other network services to operate. The client is self-contained and does not open any network ports on the device. * DOES IT OPEN A LOCAL PORT ON THE PI? No. Client connections are initiated from the device end and do not open any local ports. * DO I NEED TO INSTALL SOMETHING ON THE PI? Yes, you need to install the Dataplicity agent on the Pi. You can view the source on GitHub. * DOES DATAPLICITY AGENT RUN AS ROOT? No. When you log into the Dataplicity shell you still need to explicitly ask for super user rights to gain full control.