DIN Format Calculator

OS X 10.11
The app "DIN Format Calculator" was developed to proportionally scale your own formats (based on the DIN A series). A graphic designed in this format always fits the next format when scaling. The information bar shows the most common German paper grades of the DIN A series (DIN A0 to DIN A10). The "landscape format" is created as a special format. It calculates the new height with 50% of the "portrait format". In German-speaking countries, almost all DIN paper sizes are used as standard sizes (DIN: Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.). In DIN 476 the rows A, B and C are defined. The A-Series includes the well-known paper formats for standard documents such as letters or technical drawings. The DIN paper formats have meanwhile also been adopted as the international standard of the "ISO 216 Paper Size System". Both DIN 476 and ISO 216 specify tolerances for the paper sizes. The DIN specifies slightly tighter tolerances than the ISO (+/- 1 mm to +/- 2 mm). The "DIN Format Calculator" complies with these tolerance ranges.