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The DiverLog SCUBA diving logbook app is the premier full-featured divelog application. Packed with new features and a great new look, Diverlog is your one-stop shop for managing your dives and configuring your dive computers. Diverlog is the Official App for and supports dive computers made by the following manufacturers: - AQUALUNG: i200, i300, i450T, i550, i750TC - OCEANIC: Atom 2.0, Atom 3.0, Atom 3.1, Datamask, F10, F11, Geo, Geo 2.0, OC1, OCi, OCS, ProPlus_2(Metal Buttons), ProPlus_3, PROPLUS X, VEO 2.0, VEO 3.0, VT3, VT4.0, VT4.1, VTX - SUBGEAR: XP-AIR - AERIS: A300, A300ai, A300CS, A300xt, Atmos ai (Metal Buttons), Compumask, Elite T3, Epic, F10, F11, Manta - HOLLIS: DG03 - SHERWOOD: Amphos, Amphos Air, Insight(Metal Buttons), Wisdom(Metal Buttons), Wisdom_3, Vision, SAGE - GENESIS: React Pro (White) - TUSA: Element 2, TALIS, Zen, Zen Air - BISM: Duo, Grande - BEUCHAT: Mundial 2, Voyager 2G FEATURES - View, edit, and manage your DC dive detail data - View your dive history data - Search dives based on max depth, time, location, mode, ... many more - View, edit and manage your favorite dive spots and locations - View, edit and manage your dive gear - View, edit and manage your dive buddies and contacts - Register your dive computer, easy access to help and support - Update DC firmware easily when online - Add and register multiple dive computers from supported manufacturers - Searchable, in-application help - Keep track of personal data including medical and certification information - Add photos to dives, and remember those fun times - Configure preferences, uncluding english/metric, language, and more - Much more ... SUMMARY DiverLog allows you to view, edit, and manage your dives easily. The dive detail section gives you all the information you need, including dive data, location and dive site information, tank and buddy information, gear bag, and more. Add your diving buddies and keep your personal certification and medical information on hand at all times. View your dive profile in full screen view, in graphical and tabular data formats. Add and manage your gear with easy entry forms. DiverLog offers you simple search methods to find your dives .. search by location, dive site, and even which computer you used!...See all your dives on the world map, a unique feature we call your dive activity map! You can even keep track of your personal information, including medical and certification info. In addition, with multiple advanced options like dive history search, DC Configuration with firmware update. For a latest list of compatible products, please visit our website www.ediverlog.com under FAQ. Our dedication is to serve customers with satisfaction: After trying this Version, you can buy the Full Version of DiverLog with more features including sync your Dive Data to our DiveCloud network. Your feedback and input is important to us. We are committed to continuous improvement and your input is part of the process. Connect with our developers by posting in the forum, or contact by email at the support website: https://www.ediverlog.com