Drilling Units Converter

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This app is a free unit converter and is an useful tool for the Oil & Gas community. These units are the most commonly used on the oilfield. Area (sq.in, mm2, cm2) Capacity (bbl/ft, ft3/ft, liter/m, m3/m, bbl/m) Density (ppg, lb/ft3, kg/liter, SG, g/cm3, kg/m3) Diameter (inch, mm, cm) Distance (mile, nautical mile, km) Dog Leg (Angle Rate) (deg/100ft, deg/10m, deg/30m, deg/100m) Flow Rate (gpm, bpm, ft3/min, liter/min, m3/min, m3/h) Force (lbf, kgf, N, daN) Length (ft, m) Mass / Weight (lb, kg, kip, ton (metric), ton (short)) Pipe Weight (lb/ft, kg/m) Power (hp, kw, btu/h, kcal/h) Pressure (psi, bar, atm, kPa, kg/cm2) Pressure Gradient (psi/ft, bar/m, kPa/m, psi/m) Temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine) Temperature Gradient (oF/100ft, oC/100m) Torque (lbf x ft, kgf x m, N x m) Velocity (ft/s, ft/min, mile/h, knot, m/s, m/min, km/h) Volume (bbl, gal, ft3, liter, m3) Yield Point (lb/100ft2, kg/m2, N/m2 or Pa) DISCLAIMER: These tools & materials are provided 'as is' without warranties of any kind, express or implied. Please verify the tools provided by this application by yourself before you use them. Ensure you understand the impact of using these tools. Any use you choose to make of these tools & materials is undertaken by you entirely at you own risk.