Duplicate Files Finder & Cleaner

OS X 10.9
Duplicate Files Finder and Cleaner for Mac Annoyed by the duplicate files that are taking up your space? We have a simple, yet a very effective solution for the duplicate file situation on Mac platform. When we have a huge data, it gets challenging to arrange and maintain every single file and folder. The result is the accumulation of several duplicate files in different location, which can annoy several users because of the disorder in data and of the extra space usage. These files you want to get rid of in order to free up some more space. The trick is to locate these files, confirm that they are indeed the duplicate files, and then delete it. Every person who has ever worked on computer would confirm the fact that how tedious it would be to do that. Finding the duplicate files manually and deleting them could be very tiring, time-consuming, and not effective. Moreover, there is a risk you could lose some important files falsely assuming them as the ‘duplicates’. “Duplicate files finder and Cleaner” is the solution you need. It is designed for Mac platform and has a very appealing function of locating your duplicate files and cleaning up the space in an automated way. It is unique in the regard that many disk-space cleaners delete cache, temp files, and other such items, but not this. This tool has an exclusive functionality that enables it to locate the duplicate files, which otherwise would be very tricky to do manually in a Mac computer full of data. “Duplicate Files Finder & Cleaner” is developed carefully to present an interface that is both simple and safe to use. Since, such a task could be risky, thus, it includes features like displaying all the duplicate files and allowing the user to choose which one to trash. Moreover, it displays the result of the searched duplicate files in a way that is very convenient for a user. It shows the files arranged in a logical manner, sorted by size or the type of files. The essence of the tool lies in its three most notable qualities – Simplicity of use, speed of the search, and accuracy. If you are desperate of freeing up some extra space on your computer, or just anxious to clean the hard drive of all the unnecessary duplicate files, you would not want to miss this. The designers have taken care of all the safety aspects, by allowing the options of when to delete, which file to delete, and which to keep. Here are the primary features of “Duplicate Files Finder and Cleaner”- - Select or deselect the files before moving them to trash - Identification of the type of files, such as, photos, music, etc. - Orderly arrangement of the search display, shows tree structure of the items - Retina display supported - OS X 10.10, 10.9,10.8 and 10.7 supported - Works with internal and external disk volumes What are you waiting for? Get it today and relieve your hard disk some extra space. Some important points to consider 1. We understand that your data is very important. Therefore, we recommend reading the ‘caution’ doc. before proceeding to delete any file. 2. Have any queries? Don’t hesitate to contact the support team. 3. Note that the tool would only consider the files as duplicate when the metadata of both files are same. 4. You may encounter some unexpected errors during the process. The recommend solution is to check for disk volume errors. To do that, go to Applications>Utilities>Disk utility, select your volume and choose the "First Aid" tab. Then click the "Verify Disk" button.