Irish Stout 101

OS X 10.9
This App features over and hour of Tutorial-Videos that will show you how to make a tasty Irish Stout. Download or Stream the HD version of this title from: Like dark Stout? Learn how to brew 60L / 16 US gal of dark creamy goodness. Brewing with a buddy is more fun and produces more beer. John Marggets and Steve Wood show you how it's done in the great outdoors! This all-grain tutorial will produce 60-liters/ 16 US gal of dark creamy stout. With their combined efforts and honed technique, John and Steve prove that more beer is a beautiful thing. John and Steve learned a few years ago that you can save money buy splitting the cost of gear and produce more beer with little to no extra time or effort, now that’s a no brainer. With their over sized stainless kettle, fermenter, and a few extra carboys they can really make the most of their brewing time and have more to show for it. With a few custom devices like their custom copper manifold for the mash tun, to the extra large homemade copper wort chiller, these guys produce serious quantities of beer, and do it on their back porch. In this tutorial they explain and demonstrate how to grow-up cultures of yeast, carbonate using a carbonator cap, and have a great time doing it. If you like Irish Stout and large quantities of beer in your home, check out this tutorial. Cheers! App Features: • 38 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) • Easy to navigate Course Outline: 1 - Trailer 2 - Intro 3 - Equipment 4 - Recipe 5 - Set-Up 6 - Mash-In (Part 1) 7 - Mash-In (Part 2) 8 - Sparging (Part 1) 9 - Sparging (Part 2) 10 - The Boil (Part 1) 11 - The Boil (Part 2) 12 - Cooling 13 - Sanitation 14 - Wort Transfer 15 - Pitching the Yeast 16 - Original Gravity 17 - Terminal Gravity 18 - Primary Racking 19 - Bottling and Kegging (Part 1) 20 - Bottling and Kegging (Part 2) 21 - Tasting 22 - Credits