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*** This app you can get on my online store on the website, all major updates, including version 2.0, will be available through website. Website: https://appssalon.de/duplikate/ *** 从您的硬盘、外置硬盘和USB上释放千兆容量。智能计算程序快速和简易寻找并删除重复的文件! 消除重复文件的新概念和体验! 特征 ・ 非常快速和准确的计算程序 ・ 单击自动选择所有复制 ・ 拖放所有卷、文件夹和文件 ・ 现场实时预览模式让选择更容易 ・ 精美UI,易用和绝佳的用户体验 "Excellent - also very reliable. Thank You (Excelente - Ademas muy confiable. Gracias)" - 5 stars - by Olivia Urea 技术支持 我们想收到你的来信,我们如何能够改善我们的应用程序!联系方式:appssalon.de/contact。 ---------------------------------------- Take a look also at another my apps: Aktuell 3 - RSS news reader. Aktuell Lite - lite version of Aktuell. Aktuell for iOS - RSS news reader for iOS. Duplikate - modern duplicate files finder. Bookmarks Duplicates Cleaner - bookmarks duplicate cleaner for Safari. Archiv - archiver and unzipper for 7z, RAR, zip, tar, bz2, gz files and dmg, iso, udf images. Tresor - password manager with high level of security. -> You can find in right side of this page in section "More".