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Built for speed and efficiency, EE Quick Calc provides a dozen handy solvers for dealing with circuit calculations and length conversions as well a calculator that is powerful and easy to use. All electrical values are displayed in engineering units (1.1KΩ not 1100). EE Quick Calc includes:    • A calculator that accepts fully formed expressions. For instance, you type 2*(3+2)+8 rather than messing around with an on screen version of a handheld calculator. This is faster and less error prone. A full range of functions are supported including less common functions such as base conversion and bitwise operators. Chain calculations are supported using "Ans" keyword. You can type Ans*2 where Ans is the previous result.    • An Ohms law calculator. Enter the values you have (E, I, R, or P) and the unknowns are found.    • A passive RC filter calculator. Enter what you have (F, R, or C) and find the unknown. The results for resistance are shown in standard 1% values and capacitances are shown in commonly available values.    • Signal and Power decibel calculations. Enter what you have and the unknown is found.    • Parallel and series resistance calculations.    • Parallel and series capacitance calculations.    • Length conversions. Convert between multiple units quickly. Start typing a value and the converted values display as you type.    • Color band resistance calculator for three and four band resistors.    • Closest standard value. Enter a resistance value and tolerance and the closest standard component value is found. Values can be entered using standard engineering notation where appropriate. For instance, rather than enter 1000 for a resistance value, you can enter 1K. You may use M, K, k, m, µ, u, n, and p. Other handy features, such as an indication when the color values entered are not for a standard value resistor and are most likely wrong, make EE Quick Calc a handy tool for a number of commonly performed calculation. For a broader range of calculations and in depth coverage consider EE Tool Kit available for the iPad and Mac.