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Encryption Buddy encrypts and password protects your files - it can password protect ANY type of file - this means you can password protect your photos, images, PDF files, Documents, Excel files, Word Files, pictures, etc. The developers of Encryption Buddy have focused long and hard on creating a clean and easy user experience - simply drag and drop the file(s) you want to encrypt into the window, supply a password (and optional hint), and you're done! When you want to decrypt your files, the process is just as easy. Drag the files to decrypt into the decryption window. Enter the password, and the files will decrypt. You will need the Encryption Buddy app to decrypt the files. By default, Encryption Buddy does not delete the original file (you can do that manually). If you want Encryption buddy to delete your original file after it is encrypted, just go to the preferences, and check the box that says, "Delete Original File After Encryption." NOTE: If you need help with the app, please contact us so we can diagnose the problem; we cannot respond to reviews because Apple does not provide us with your contact information.