Evolution Planet - Gold Edition

OS X 10.6.6
Discover a place full of wonder, adventure, fun, treasures… and frogs! And dinosaurs! And cavemen! Play through Evolution Planet’s islands and meet the creatures that live there. Match them together, make them stronger and help them beat their despicable mutant versions. What will you find while you travel from island to island? PURE FUN! From the very start you will see for yourself that playing Evolution Planet is easy, but genuinely fun and challenging as well. Combine three creatures and they will turn into a stronger one. Choose a strategy of your own to overcome each challenge. At the end of the day, you will be evolving your creatures like a master. DISCOVER THEM ALL! Three amoebas make a jellyfish. Three jellyfish make a frog. Three frogs make a… What’s the highest evolution level? Who can beat the dinosaur? Each new creature is a new surprise. EXPLORE 6 FANTASTIC ISLANDS (THAT IS A LOT OF LEVELS!) Evolution Planet is a thrilling adventure that will give you hours of fun. Share your journey with these amusing creatures through forests, icy lands, volcanos, deserts… All of them featuring beautiful atmospheric and lighting effects. Beware of the meteorites! THE BAD GUYS ARE COMING! Everything in life has a dark side, even your loyal creatures. Confront their mutant version in epic battles, and use your bravery and your wits to defeat the dreadful final bosses if you want to go on with your journey. Eat or get eaten. TREASURES EVERYWHERE Gems, treasure chests, special items… Do you like collecting things? Then you will really enjoy having a bath of gems in the bonus levels. Get ready to have an amazing experience. Visit us: http://www.evolutionplanetgame.com Privacy Policy: http://www.evolutionplanetgame.com/legal/privacy Terms and Conditions: http://www.evolutionplanetgame.com/legal/terms Have some comments?: http://www.evolutionplanetgame.com/support Enjoy Evolution Planet and solve the great puzzle of evolution!