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Need to view hidden files on Mac? Use Funter - a free app, that allows you to show hidden files on Mac in 2 clicks. Funter is a tool designed specifically to show hidden folders and files on Mac. It’s an easy way to quickly switch Mac files visibility, find hidden files in Finder and operate hidden files and folders. KEY FEATURES ▹ Show hidden files on Mac ▹ Hide hidden files on Mac ▹ Search for files in any folder, bundle and package ▹ Easily find hidden files on Mac ▹ Operate hidden files on Mac: copy, move and remove Funter finds items in system folders, packages and bundles even where Spotlight* never searches in. Using the app you can easily unhide Mac Library Folder, find where is a .bash_profile file, view hidden files without Mac Terminal and find your hosts file. Funter helps you to access Library folder and clear cache and app’s leftovers. Also, you can find, move or delete any file in hidden folders. HOW TO SHOW HIDDEN FILES ON MAC USING FUNTER 1. Launch Funter. 2. Click the app’s icon in Menu Bar. 3. Use the Switch button to hide or unhide hidden files in Mac Finder. HOW TO FIND HIDDEN ANY FILE ON MAC 1. Click the Funter’s icon in Menu Bar. 2. Type the file’s name in the finder field. 3. Press Enter to start a search. The app allows you to choose a folder for search, show all/hidden/unhidden files, forward to file location in Finder and preview files. USE FUNTER TO: • Find the Library folder on Mac • Find the Applications Support system folder on Mac • Find application’s leftovers • Find and clear cache and history for apps • Find Mac hosts file • Reset preferences for apps • Find out what’s taking up Disk Space • Show all files on Mac • Find any file even in hidden folders and bundles If you are looking for a way on how to see hidden files on Mac, use Funter. The app is easy to use, convenient and absolutely FREE! BEST STRENGTHS ▹ Show Library folder on Mac easily ▹ Find any file that Spotlight doesn’t search for ▹ Preview all found hidden/unhidden files ▹ Go to the hidden file’s location in Finder ▹ Remove unneeded hidden files to free up disk space Funter helps you to find and show hidden files and hidden folders on Mac. Download Funter for free and take control of the hidden data on your Mac. IMPORTANT NOTICE 1. The app cannot be a replacement for Spotlight as a search tool because it doesn’t search for files by their content and metadata. It searches for items by the filenames only. Funter is a good addition to the existing Spotlight search technology that allows you to find files in hidden locations and bundles. 2. Before operating hidden and system files you should understand what you are doing. Removing, renaming, moving system and hidden files you might corrupt the system. Operate your files if understand what you are doing and what can you get. Do that at your own risk. The operations can’t be undone. 3. If you have any question about the app, what can it be used for, and how to operate with it, please, visit the support page or contact us at