Glyphs Mini 2

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Create your own fonts! Glyphs Mini 2 is a slimmed-down version of the professional font editor Glyphs 2. Digitize your handwriting, draw a fun display typeface, or build an icon webfont for your homepage. - Clean, straight-forward, and customizable user interface - Edit letter shapes in a word context - Export OTF and WOFF - Import OTF and TTF - Advanced vector tools: Transform, Fit Curve, Open Corners, Reconnect Nodes, Nudge, and many more handy features built-in - Apply vector filters such as Roughen or Hatch - Live components, anchors and letter metric syncing - Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Emoji and Symbol support - Smart OpenType features - Community support: forums, documentation and video tutorials online The main differences to the professional Glyphs 2: - No Multiple Master - No layers - No scripts and plug-ins - No UFO support - No manual OpenType features - No manual hints