HIV 3D study

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This is an application that shows the HIV reference (encyclopedic) study and 3D digital cell with pins to show each part of HIV cell structure. Also a slide encyclopedia about HIV reference, forms of infection, advances in medicine, development, progress of the disease, different categories and much more about this disease. Even ways to prevent it. Study includes topics such as: - HIV reference part 1. - HIV reference part 2. - Drogs develop - Category effect - Investigation - Epidemiology - HIV stucture And of course a 3D cell with pins to show each part. You can rotate on any direction with a mouse all 3D parts of the cell Hid and show pins, Hide and show information screens on 3D zone. Please visit our website for more applications like this: and ( partner website: ) Or place a search in the Store typing the name: makevn And of course your comments, suggestions and emails are always welcome for , better updates, and provide a better service for you. -------- By Dr. Mau Navas, (digital Anatomy encyclopedias) Human Anatomy REAL 3D