iCRM for Salesforce

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Easily upload your mac contacts to Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition and update them in a convenient macOS native app experience when using Salesforce.com VIA the included macOS Browser for Salesforce.com from iEnterprises. The app can be docked on the taskbar on your mac thus giving you instant access to the contact integration as well as a native mac experience with Salesforce.com. The app is a built for macOS and provides functionality that makes it easy to upload your mac contacts to Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition. It also provides a browser that is specifically designed for CRM applications such as Salesforce.com. The application uses the built in Salesforce.com security. So Just login using the normal and secure Salesforce.com login procedure and you and start integrating your mac contacts with Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition today. Also available via in-app purchase is the ability to automatically synchronize Mac Calendar events to Salesforce Enterprise Edition, as activities against Salesforce contacts. NOTE: A Salesforce account is required to use this application, contact and calendar upload is only available on Salesforce.com accounts that have REST API's enabled. Some editions, such as Professional Edition do not have this functionality, please check your Salesforce account before purchase.