iLove File Splitter

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iLove File Splitter is a handy app which allows to easily split and merge files. It enables you to split a large file into small chunks which are easy to be sent or uploaded, and you can also join these split parts together so that the original file is restored. How to use(for file splitting): 1.Click the "Browse" icon to add a file that you want to split. 2.Choose to split by parts, set to splitting the file into the desired number of parts (which are equal in size).Or split by size, which will split the file after every given number of storage units. 3.Click the "Start" button to split. How to use(for merging files): 1.Click the "Add" button to load your file(in parts). 2.You can drag each file part up and down to make sure they are in the correct order. 3."Remove" and "Clear" buttons are for you to delete the unnecessary or wrongly loaded file parts. 4.Click the "Start" icon to merge. Key Features: *Support any file formats and Easy to use:has a friendly user-interface,it can be used to split any file. *Split a large file into several equal-size parts, or split by the customized file size. *A file joiner for merge all the split parts to restore them into the original one.