Image Resizifier

OS X 10.10
Have you ever wanted to resize images for use in Xcode without much effort? Well now you can, very easily, with Image Resizifier! Image Resizifier offers the easiest, simplest way to resize images for use in Apple's Xcode. Features: - Automatic resizing of App Icons, in all applicable sizes, for use in Xcode! - Generation of the JSON file necessary for use in Xcode! No more dragging and dropping images manually, just drag the output folder into Xcode to instantly have your images set to the proper devices, sizes, and scales! - Generic downscaling of ANY @3x PNG file to @2x and @1x sizes! Supported image types: - MacOS App Icon - iOS App Icon - Messages Extension Icon (29x29 Settings app icon is NOT supported at this time, but will be added later!) - WatchOS App Icon - Generic (@3x, @2x, and @1x) Note: Source file should almost always be the highest resolution copy you have available! (1024x1024px for square app icons, 1024x768px for Messages App icons)