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Jigsaw Puzzles+ by WallpaperFusion brings classic jigsaw puzzle fun to your Mac! Access over 3,500 puzzle images, choose from multiple difficulty levels, save images for offline use, and much more! Jigsaw Puzzles+ Features: - Access over 3,500 puzzle images - Choose from 4 difficulty levels: Beginner (3x3), Easy (5x5), Medium (8x8) and Hard (12x12) - Save puzzle images for offline use (like on an airplane) - Mark images as favourites on WallpaperFusion and quickly access them in the puzzle app - Track your puzzle completions using your WallpaperFusion account (completely free) - Earn Reputation Points by completing puzzles and compete on the monthly WallpaperFusion points ladder - Completely Ad-Free - Use hints to help you solve puzzles