Light Control for Hue

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PLEASE NOTE: This app has reached end of maintenance! It has completely been rewritten and is now especially more user friendly end less complicated! The new app is named: Lighting Pro -------------------------------------- - Make Your Lights Think For Themselves - With Light Control, you will be able to automate all of your Philips Hue lights. You can let your indoor lights go on at a specified time before sunset and let them change during the evening, as it is getting darker outside and cosy inside. In case you have one or more lights outside, you can use them as a garden light and, for safety, may choose to keep them on all night. Even when you go to bed and hit the "All Off" switch. Further more, you may also link one or more off your calendars to it, so the system knows if you have to get up early tomorrow. If you do so, you're morning lights will be on and awaiting you when you get downstairs. NOTICE: A working Philips Hue Bridge and one ore more Hue lights are required to use this app.