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Live VideoWall - The Best Collections is the ultimate collection of 55 exclusive wallpapers with eye catching animations and stunning visuals. It showcases some of the finest live wallpapers, which will redefine your Mac’s Desktop Screen. It Provides a variety of themes, which has distinctive layouts and different styles. Features: -55 Hand Picked beautiful Live Wallpapers for your Mac -Preview Wallpapers before using -Set Live Wallpapers directly from the app -Mark favorite Live Wallpapers in a separate section. -Easy to Launch and open Live Wallpapers -Semi Transparent Mode -Option to change random Mode timer - Play Videos on 3 attached Monitor at real time: If you have 3 attached screens, you can set the video wallpapers to play in all of them at the same time. You can also set it to play only in main monitor. - Option to stop video playing when battery is low for Macbook only. - Pause Video: Now you can set video to pause as long as you want. - Play only on Idle Mode: So, with just one click you can make your Mac come alive with these beautiful Live Wallpapers.