Mail Stationery – Stationery for Mail

OS X 10.10
Say smart things without words! The beautiful Stationery Smart collection provides 100+ refined templates for Apple Mail from professional designers. Features: - Both for personal and business use Mail Stationery Smart is suitable for business and personal use. Whether you want to wish your colleague a happy birthday, invite your significant other for a movie night, or share a joke with your friends, Stationery Smart will deliver. - High quality Themes are designed by professional designers who have produced not only visually attractive but also highly functional designs. - Easy to customize You can edit all text content, including the colorful headings with custom fonts. Mix your own photos with an elegant stationery template, and a positive reaction from your recipients is guaranteed. - High-quality Stationery Smart features a clean-cut style and high functionality combined with the powerful pull of personalization. - Something new These stationery designs are not a few stock patterns that bore you before you even begin to use them. - Try your limits You do not have to be constrained by the 106-template limit—some of the templates come with up to nine additional color themes and design variations. - Easy to use You can explore these possibilities by simply clicking on the background of an email that was created with your choice of stationery. Requires: OS X Yosemite.