Marvin Voice Assistant

OS X 10.9
IMPORTANT UPDATE A lot of negative reviews talk about how Marvin is incomparable with Yosemite, that is FALSE. Marvin IS compatible. You just need to get the free update. Marvin puts you in control of your Mac. Launch, control, and close apps like Mail, iTunes, Spotify, App Store, and more. Play music. Send a new email. Check your favorite websites, get movie times, and read the news. "It's like my own personal Jarvis" - Kyler V. Make and close tabs in your browser of choice. Just say, "swipe right" to change desktops. Or, "go fullscreen." Print documents, close windows, or copy and paste text. Marvin makes it easy to control your computer using intuitive voice commands. Plus, Marvin responds in real time and can call you by name. Its interface is beautiful, minimal, and simple. Watch the video: