Meshman 3D Viewer

OS X 10.8
Meshman 3D Viewer is a great app to view and convert 3D model files: STL, OBJ, 3DS, DXF, DWG, DAE, PLY, OFF. Features: - Open & Export files from formats: * STL (Stereolithography, supports ASCII & Binary) * PLY (Polygon file format, supports ASCII & Binary) * OBJ (Wavefront format) * 3DS (3D Studio format) * DAE (COLLADA file format) * OFF (Object file format) * DXF (AutoCAD format, supports ASCII & Binary) - Open (only) files from: * DWG (AutoCAD format) - Load from a ZIP or RAR file one or multiple model files. - Measure distance between points within your model. - Graphic operations for Rotating, panning, zooming. - View your model in Orthogonal or Perspective mode. - Obtain info on the model: triangle count, bounding box, area, volume. - Set up rendering options: faces, edges, points, antialias. - Open multiple files, view in fullscreen, print them. - Retina Macs fully supported. Please contact us for support, questions, feature request or any other inquiry.