Mini World Maths Times Table

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A fun way to learn the Multiplication Times Table. Just like learning to walk before you can run, learning multiplication and memorising the times tables are building blocks for other maths topics taught in school - higher learning such as division, long multiplication, fractions and algebra. Children need to understand the times tables and they also need to memorise them. They need to learn early on about the repetition of numbers and the addition of numerous numbers. You can work with them as they learn the basics. Knowing your multiplication facts is helpful not only in academics; we frequently use multiplication in our daily lives. Knowing the times tables can help simple tasks to be performed rapidly and save time and stress. As the old saying goes, practice make perfect! Mini World Maths Times Table features: - Coverage of 1 x table through to the 12 x tables. - Interactive learning mode with Game Tokens rewarded at the end of each lesson. - Interactive practice mode to test your child's knowledge. (The more accurate your child is, the more bonus game tokens that can be earned) - Use game tokens earned through the learning and practice module to unlock fun-filled games. - Rich colourful graphics. - Simple screen layout and navigation. - Engaging learning and practice modules.