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▶▶▶ Brand New version 3 You thought video converter softwares were: - too complex? - or easy but poor? Welcome to MovieConverter-Studio version 3 ! Because video processing is too technical to be entrusted to anyone… Because you want to preserve quality during an encoding. Because MovieConverter does not need any video knowledge to obtain quality results. Because MovieConverter conforms your file depending on official specifications (so your video will be perfectly compliant with your fnal device), ◉◉◉And because you want more than in the regular version ! What's specific to the Pro version: ▶ Add more Editing outputs: add more outputs specially made for FCP X (ProRes, HDV, XDCAM EX) …up to full HD 1080p! ▶ Add more Broadcasting outputs: add Full HD outputs, for multimedia disk players (see screenshot). ▶ Full customized access to field management : remove "comb effects" while preserving not-interlaced parts, deinterlace, etc. ◉◉◉ (Shared with the regular version) (NOTICE: This app is only localized in English and French. The others languages -written into this page- are only used to localized DVD-VIDEO interactive menus, and not for the app itself) MovieConverter Studio will automatically fix for you all your difficulties: ▶ Adaptation to your Television Standard (videos will be conformed …but without jerking), ▶ Detection of Anamorphics files (your movies will no more be deformed after encoding), ▶ Automatic "comb effects" management (according to your devices), to always preserve the maximum of informations and never display these ugly "comb effects" during playback. ▶ Ability to transform any video from 4:3 to 16:9 (whatever its size or interlacing), But MovieConverter manages simple videos too. Some features: ▶ To convert for editing (iMovie) or for broadcasting… ▶ To convert to iPhone, iPad, AppleTV… and for your multimedia disk or your connected TV (up to HD Ready). ▶ To convert to DVD, prepare and burn your DVD (with chapterized videos and animated menus, always in full screen whatever your TV type). ▶ Customizable presets to load and set multiple files at once (e.g.: with your own accurate settings), ▶ And ability to override all automatisms (…reserved for experts only). ▶ etc So, chose your flavor: "easy", "simple" or "expert". MovieConverter-Studio, expert's functions "for dummies".