Network Remote for TiVo

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A virtual TiVo remote control for your computer, for Series 3 TiVos and up. Controllable TiVos on your network are detected automatically, when possible; or you can specify an address. Make sure you have your TiVos' "Network Remote Control" settings turned on! Shortcut keys are available for most operations. Direct text input is available for those parts of the TiVo interface that support it, and for those that don't, the Network Remote can navigate the "Ouija board" and enter text automatically. Closed captions can be toggled with a single button press. These features make the Network Remote faster in use than an infrared hand-held. Please note that, unlike the full-featured iOS app provided by TiVo Inc., this program merely simulates the hand-held "peanut" remote. Also please note that I'm not an employee of TiVo Inc., and this isn't an official TiVo product. Demo video: