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Mac|Life Magazine: GREAT - Macworld: 4/5 Every great idea starts with a blank page. Then you collect your thoughts, reshuffle them, structure. To end up with something that's just right. Everything you need ・ Works intuitively: Create new items, structure them using indentation and drag & drop ・ Use Touchbar for fast editing ・ Bold, italic and underlined text ・ Side notes ・ Checkboxes ・ Adjustable text size ・ Fold item groups to focus: manually, automatically to a set layer or to a maximum ・ Fast search What makes it even better ・ Color labeled categories add a second layer of structure ・ Filter for all items of one or multiple categories to get an overview and to export them directly ・ Quickly save drafts without setting a name or folder ・ Fast access from anywhere: drafts and recent outlines, just one click or global shortcut away ・ Statistics, always at a glance: number of items, layers, words or characters and even track the time you have been working ・ Collect and structure information from the web using OutlineEdit Marker in Safari ・ Pinboard for Today View: keep to do lists and notes always in reach, just one swipe away ・ Layer and group guidelines ・ Built-in window management: arrange outlines perfectly on the screen ・ Let an outline float on top of all applications for uninterrupted access Open to the World: Export & Sharing ・ Export to a paginated PDF or RTF file - of course including all your notes and categories ・ OPML export and import, including notes, categories and checkboxes ・ Automatic exports: OutlineEdit can keep your OPML and PDF exports seamlessly up to date ・ Upload outlines to Evernote® ・ Send outlines to your Amazon Kindle®, perfectly sized for its 6" display ・ Copy an outline as plain text ・ Print your outlines directly Any questions, feedback or ideas? Please feel free to write: contact@outlineedit.com (AMAZON, KINDLE, FIRE AND ALL RELATED LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF AMAZON.COM, INC. OR ITS AFFILIATES. EVERNOTE, THE EVERNOTE ELEPHANT LOGO AND REMEMBER EVERYTHING ARE TRADEMARKS OF EVERNOTE CORPORATION AND USED UNDER A LICENSE.)