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Photo Blender is a simple photo editor to create amazing blend effects to your photos. Blend / combine multiple front photos on a background photo to make your photos more attractive! You can control the photo shape and edge transparency on background by applying different masks. Main features: 1) Photo Blender is easy to use One click to add front photo and automatically blend the photo on the background photo. 2) Adjust the blend shapes Apply 60 different masks to front photos to create different blend shapes and effects in Photo Blender. 3) Adjust the blend areas on the background photo Change the front photo's size and position ( blend areas ) on the background photo. There are some interesting ways to blend your photos with Photo Blender: * Blend your family photos together * Blend your photos and your friends' photos together, and share photos with them * Blend your photos with your favorite movie star's movie poster, and you'll be "in" his / her movie * Blend your photos on a famous painting ( such as Mona Lisa ) * Blend your photos on a history picture, then you'll be "in" the history * Blend your photos on a beautiful landscape picture * Blend your photos on a moon picture, then you'll be "in" the space * Blend your photos on any pictures you like: a flower picture, a cat picture,etc Blend yourself with the world, just using Photo Blender!