photo crop PRO

OS X 10.7
SIMPLE THINGS MUST REMAIN SIMPLE. Cropping. The most important step in photo processing. It has to be simple. And automated. We took our in-house croping tool, and created a sharply focused, simple to use app out of it. We named it 'Photo Crop' and brought it to the App Store. Since then it has become the high water mark in photo cropping software. This is the high-volume version: Work through an entire shoot in minutes: Load up a couple of dozen images into the pipeline, and start cropping. Use 'Crop & Next' to simultaneously crop the current image and load the next image into the crop editor. Of course photo crop PRO is smart enough to preserve the crop area, and even scales it if you image is of a different size. Use photo crop PRO's automatic file naming scheme to eliminate yet another menial, distracting task from your creative workflow. Sporting its non-automated sibling's easy-to-use, versatile pro-level capabilities, cropping a bunch of photos finally becomes a fun task. Highlights are - Automated workflow - Supports strong naming schemes for automated file naming - preserves your original - unless you really, really want otherwise - convenient crop presets for most paper sizes and devices - refined aspect ratio control - convenient rotate & align tool - fully integrated Margin/passe partout manager - provides optional fixed output sizes for iPad, iPod, iPhone - has three color schemes for work on bright or dark images - finely tuned user interface for this one task. - many different advanced composition controls, including Rules-Of-Thirds, Fibonacci-Spiral (Golden Rule), Diagonals - real-time read-out of dimensions and aspect ratio - direct export to many file formats, iPhoto, Aperture, email, Preview App, social web, desktop picture - full EXIF support - quickly apply your current settings to multiple images Please note that most likely you already have a tool that can crop images (for example iPhoto). Whatever you are using, this app is merely much, much better. At cropping images. Nothing else. Please also note that we also offer a non-automated version of this app that has all the cropping features - minus the automation.