Photo Frame 2

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★★★ Special Sale Price (reg. $9.99 USD) ★★★ Photo Frame makes it possible for you to combine multiple photos into fantastical frames. With 30 adjustable frames available, you can always have a different and refreshing look. Photo Frame is just as easy to use. Choose a frame, drag & drop your photos in, scale the photo, adjust the size, color, rounded corner and customized background, then save it on your Mac. Features: ♥ Numerous amazing layouts. ♥ Support infinite photos. ♥ Scale and move the photo ♥ Rounded corners ♥ Change color and customized background. ♥ Change size and pattern. ♥ Drag & drop photos into the frame. ♥ Easy to use Steps: ♥ Select the style you like in the list. ♥ Drag & drop several photos into the frame. ♥ Scale the photo with scroll wheel on the mouse (if you have one) or with two fingers sliding on multi-touch trackpad. ♥ Move the position of the photo by pressing the left mouse or the trackpad to drag. Select the size, change the background color and decide if you need the rounded corner. Maximize the window to get a bigger view. ♥ Save the final photo by Command + S on your Mac. Updates: ♥ Add pattern image which can be background. ♥ Double click on frames can select photo from local disk. With those options, you can get a unique photo with frames. ★★★ Bug Fix & Feature Request ★★★ If you have any problem, please email us at We will fix bugs and add features for you as soon as possible.