QTAKE Monitor

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Simply turns your Mac into a wireless on-set monitor. In addition to multi-camera monitoring, one QTAKE Monitor device can use the TALKBACK feature to communicate with the QTAKE operator. QTAKE Monitor is the essential companion app of QTAKE, the most advanced video assist software. Using the STREAM Module, operators can now stream the content of their QTAKE VIEWS to iPads, iPhones and Macs. Very low latency of just 1.5 frames makes QTAKE Monitor devices practically in sync with QTAKE GPU Output. - Connect to one or more QTAKE systems - Audio monitoring of the selected view (click to select view or press the corresponding view number on your numeric keyboard) - Use the TALK button to communicate with the QTAKE operator (or press T to start, then press again to stop) - Press S or Option-S to take a screenshot (see Preferences for various configuration options) - Press C to copy the current timecode to clipboard - Press M to mute audio for the current window or N to mute live audio only - Single, Dual or Quad View mode (double click to switch or press 5) - Full-screen mode