Restaurant Scheduling Software

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The Restaurant Scheduling Software is designed to be used on Mac (OS X) delivering easy management and efficiency through its use in your restaurant, café, pizza parlor, night club, party hall, conference hall or bar businesses. Users can easily manage all reservations and keep track of all customers through this software which not only induces efficiency in the process but also relieves them off the strenuous paperwork that they have to go through otherwise. Irrespective of whether you are a small business run by a single individual or a large one with several employees, the Restaurant Scheduling Software is the ultimate solution to all your management problems. The software works wonders when it comes to recording customer visits and special preferences of repeat customers as not only does these small things retain customers, rather you can also keep track of any special considerations such as food allergies, special events, etc. The software allows users to record personal notes related to frequent customers offering a chance to make them feel unique. The program is simple and easy to use offering a user interface that can easily be used by anyone. The main menu illustrates four icons namely, Tables, Clients, Reports and Scheduler. The Tables section allows storing of all information of a certain table based on Table ID and special notes related to it. Tables can be booked and complete records of reservations can be easily maintained through these tables’ data. The Clients section holds in all information pertaining to different clients including contact details, addresses, phone numbers, etc. For frequent clients, appointments can be easily made based on prior records of visit. The program also allows direct phone calls to be made from the program for confirmation and inquiries on visits and reservations. Additionally the program also allows the feature of capturing photos of the clients and tables to be saved with their respective profiles. The Reports section offers full financial records and accounts of every table and customer. A daily breakdown of financial earnings along with details of which table earned how much money is represented in the reports section. The Scheduler is the most useful feature as it appears in form of a calendar showing accumulated daily earnings on every date. Further clicking on the date reveals description of all earnings and order details. The Scheduler is the perfect tool to instantly view and set new reservations and all that is required to be done is flip through the dates to check for availability and confirmation. Another useful feature offer by the program is the Backup/Restore options that not only makes the program compatible with other devices such as Windows Phone and Android, but also offers as a backup solution for all your precious data stored in the program. To make the program compatible with other devices, users will require installing relevant programs from respective stores.