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Ringtones Phone TOP COMMENT: semplice e chiara by MacLand Italia - Version 1.0 - Mar 19, 2013 mi sono trovato bene nel tagliare parti di canzoni per creare suonerie, grazie questo commento è il mio modo di dimostrarti che ho sprezzato. OS X 108.3 ----------------------------------------------- Super by AnBeh - Version 1.0 - Mar 19, 2013 Schnell, einfach, intuitiv. Unkomplizierter geht es nicht: ----------------------------------------------- Take a sound clip (music or sound) paste it into the program and then ito iTunes nothing easier as that and nothing cheaper than that. Nimm einen Clip (Sound oder Musik) kopiere es in das Programm und anschl. in iTunes. Nichts ist einfacher und nichts ist billger als das. ----------------------------------------------- With this App you can create your favorite ringtones for iPhone or iPad in 4 passages. - Drag in window of software your song mp3 for ringtones. - Set 30 Sec for ringtones ( Set Start Time and Set End Time ) - Click Create IT - Drag new files in your desktop FINAL STEP: - Open iTunes and syncronize Ringtones for your iPhone or iPad. Ringtones for your iPhone or iPad. NOW IS EASY CREATE RINGTONES WITH THIS SOFTWARE. Thank you. I need your feedback.