Salah 3D : Islamic Prayer

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The easy way to learn Salah! Salah is a prayer which Muslims perform 5 times a day to help them remember God and to show their appreciation towards him. Sadly a lot of Muslims are not familiar with how to perform this prayer and don’t know where to start, this is where Salah 3D comes into play by making the learning experience as exciting and interactive as possible. Salah 3D’s bright colors and beautiful animations make it perfect for giving young children a head start on the salah prayer. Also designed with adults in mind, there is a detailed step by step instructional book as well as a 3D Salah mode which shows by example how to pray salah. FEATURES ∙ HD graphics! ∙ Step by Step book ∙ Tap the tip symbols for extra information ∙ Arabic recitation ∙ English translation ∙ 3D Salah Animation! ∙ And now Transliteration! Designed for all ages! ✓ Suitable for beginners ✓ Suitable for young kids and teenagers ✓ Suitable for Adults Visit for support.