Screenshot Auto-Rename

OS X 10.6
Automatic screenshot naming tool No More Screenshots on your Desktop with All The Same Name! Download this handy utility that automatically renames your screenshot according to the title of the window you select to capture or the file name you set. This works for a selection, window or entire screen. Find Screenshot – Rename icon on the Finder menu bar or use your Mac’s standard screenshot commands. There’s MORE: • Tag your screenshots while naming them in order to easily find them on your mac or in iCloud. • Screenshot a selection area using the same coordinates of the previous screenshot. No need to select again. • Manually name your screenshot before saving • Control where to save your screenshot rather than on the Desktop • Automatically share your screenshots by saving to a shared folder, DropBox. • Select from a range of image formats: JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and PDF Customize your screenshot name: • Add prefix or custom code to screenshot names • Set a fixed name for your screen shots or automatically name according to the front window name • Add combination of date, time stamp and version numbers or none • Set the date / time stamp after the prefix or at end of the file name