Solitaire – Smart Moves

OS X 10.6.6
Solitaire - Smart Moves is the ONLY ONE that can change skin in the solitaire games, with this significant character you will not feel eye tired of one skin but can have any skin color you like. Solitaire, which is one kind of popular games all over the world. Have fun & relax when you feel tired, boring or you are free. Single card klondike is so easy that you even don’t need any instructions, while forty thieves you may need careful thinking. Challenge to enjoy your luck or not? Features as following: A. Game Type: Classic Klondike, Single Card Klondike 2. Game Type: Free Cell, Splider 3. Game Type: Aces Up, Baker`s Game 4. Game Type: Canfield, Forty Thieves 5. Game Type: Pyramid, Golf 6. Game Type: Scorpian, Yukon 7. Restart game 8. Change Skin 9. Save and Reopen solitaire game project 10. Custom card background J. Unlimited undo/redo moves Q. Scoring and Timer K. Auto finish option Send your feedback to:, thanks.