SpiralBound Pro

OS X 10.9
SpiralBound Pro is a note utility modeled after a spiral-bound notepad with organizing, security, and calculator features. --Features over and above the original SpiralBound include-- •Multiple Notepads- start as many notepads as you like •Notepad Sorter- this alternate view allows you to read and edit your notes in a single window, search by filtering results, or reorganize by drag-and-drop •To Do Lists- these pages let you check off items as they are completed •Email Capability- email the contents of any page as plain text or as an attachment •More Style- more colors and more interface options to make it just your own Useful: Flip pages, tear them out, and return them to the notepad. Reorder as desired. A seamlessly integrated calculator will solve a mathematical expression typed into any page. Drag pictures or sound clips into any page. Make any word a hyperlink. There When You Want It: Set any window to float above all open applications, or view every page at once. And Not When You Don’t: Compact (shade) any window, hide any notepad entirely, or view exclusively from the Notepad Sorter. Password Secure: Any page can be rendered unreadable when the program is in the background, has been inactive for a period of time, or whenever the “lock” is clicked. You may choose to require a password to unlock pages, or not. Searchable: Pages are searchable by title or content, and an unobtrusive pull-down menu on the notepad allows for quick navigation. Easy-to-Use: This program aims to be as intuitive as possible. Also, SpiralBound Pro can import your Stickies or SpiralBound data automatically.