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StreamByter is a plugin for creating custom MIDI effects. It can be used as an Apple Audio Unit (AU) effect or as a standalone app connected via CoreMIDI virtual ports. StreamByter is ported from our acclaimed MidiFire MIDI processing environment. A suitable AU host app such as Logic Pro X (at least version 10.4.2) is required to use the AU variant. To use with CoreMIDI, a routing app like MidiFire is recommended. Use StreamByter to: - Extend the MIDI processing functionality of any AUv3 host that supports MIDI FX. - Remap channels, notes, controllers (anything MIDI) - Filter MIDI events coarsely or finely - Clone or Delay any event - Send any event automatically when plugin is loaded - Create complex effects using programming concepts like conditionals, loops, variables (including array, timing and random), and math operators. StreamByter is configured using a textual rules 'language' that defines how the effect should operate. Please see the support link to go to our website for full details. StreamByter is built using the MidiBus library -