Surebets – Arbitrage Betting

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Surebets is a useful tool for search of surebets (arbitration situations) among the hundred thousands of entries and events in the world of sport. The surebets are displayed practically online. There is a possibility to establish a minimum margin, settings for searching of surebets between the certain offices. There is also a possibility to surebets the forks with two or three outputs. The application will show mathematical sizes of entries, at which size of award will be the same in any case. There are also the recommended (rounded) sizes of entries for different outputs in order to obtain the guaranteed profit (the profit will vary depending on the output). Peculiarities of application - Lifetime VIP access - More than 70 bookmaker’s offices - Possibility of sorting and filtration of data: 2-3 way surebets, bookmaker’s offices, sports, percent of award, time - New line with surebets every minute Using the Surebets application results in your award regardless of the result of event!