The Mystery Of The Dream Box

OS X 10.7
Welcome to a new adventure! The mystery of the dream box is here! Ever since you were young you always listened to the story of the dream box; a box capable of making the dreams of anyone who manages to open it come true. After many years of searching, and when you had given up all hope of ever finding the box, on a visit your grandparents' house you finally find the first clue that could lead you to it. The dream box really exists. Your uncle, that crazy adventurer...perhaps he knows something? Does the box really have the power to make dreams come true? There is only one way to find out. You are in Paris and your adventure begins now. Are you ready? Will you be able to find the dream box? Characteristics: Based on a point and click interface Fantastic graphics that will immerse you in the story Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve A Parisian soundtrack that will bring the magic right to your heart Auto-Saved HD Graphics Translated into: Spanish-Italian-French-German-English