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The Life Support Simulator is a fun, interactive way to practise resuscitation skills. Created by British Advanced Life Support instructors, we've designed the app to specifically focus on the parts of acute care that people get most hung up on - skills like rhythm recognition, external pacing, timing of cardiac arrest drugs, and many more. Using our simple, intuitive interface, you can manage a patient who is either peri-arrest or already arrested. Our virtual resuscitation suite includes a realistic, touch-screen defibrillator, 4-wave cardiac monitor and fully-stocked arrest trolley for a truly immersive experience. The software generates clinical parameters in real-time, so you'll have access to an endless range of practice material. It will give you feedback on your performance, highlighting potential areas for further development. We've also included links to useful external resources, and we're in the process of making video tutorials on some of the key aspects of resuscitation for our website. Our mission is to produce effective, affordable revision aids for present and future life support providers. Whether you're a medical student, doctor or nurse, we hope you'll find plenty to keep you going here! If you enjoy the app, please do rate it and leave a review on the App Store - it would mean a lot to us.