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VNC Viewer is a remote desktop application that lets you securely connect to any computer in the world . VNC Viewer narrow the distance between the world. VNC Viewer is applicable, secure, reliable and very easy to set up. Features - Enjoy together Sharing wonderful picture or other happiness with your friend.Share more joy more - Easy installing and using VNC Viewer is so easy to configure that anyone can do it!One-click access to the Macbook or PC you want to connect with after a few setup efforts. - Console sessions and inspector Use the control panel you can connect a Macbook or PC any time and any where.Editing a information in the inspector.You can activate any connection in the control panel - Live previews: Add as many machine as you want.Monitor all sessions at once with Live Preview Filter computers by keyword or connection details using live search - Speed and beautiful Powered by one of the fastest VNC engines on the word.Multi-core,hardware accelerated rendering for zippy performance. Optimized for your book or PC Pros with Retina display - Totally open standards: VNC is a true VNC expert.You don’t need to download additional software to connect to your Macbook or PC if you already have VNC configured.Just enter your IP address or hostname to connect. - Dictation support (Mountain Lion and later) - VNC features: Tested with Mac OS X,RealVNC,UltraVNC,Linux Secure:SSH,SSL - And much more...