Watchdog for Xcode

OS X 10.11
If you're a developer using Xcode®, you need Watchdog. Watchdog monitors Xcode and automatically cleans up stale cache files that prevent you from getting a good build. It will save you hours of aggravation dealing with a number of problems you might see including: • Old images that you've replaced, still showing up in your app. • The DerivedData folder growing continuously over time, often taking up 10+ gigabytes of space. • Constants/Defines not updating in the app after you've changed them in the code. • Localization file changes not being seen. • Phantom breakpoints and/or breakpoints stopping on the wrong line. • Xcode refusing to run a build on your device, only reporting something obscure like: "Error launching remote program: No such file or directory" You will often clean build, quit Xcode, restart your Mac and devices and sometimes even blow away your entire repo and re-clone, just to try and fix some strange bug that doesn't make sense and won't go away - wasting precious hours. Don’t waste any more time. Install Watchdog. Xcode is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.