zCommander – Total Management for Files & Folders

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zCommander is advanced and comprehensive file management software. It looks like simple but is actually beautiful and powerful and rapid. Must-have Software for all users (especially for immigrators from PC and power-users). No more searching for Total Commander in Mac World. Here is zCommander !! Main Features: - Familiar double pane for file list view and each pane can have multiple tabs. - Sorted items by elements (Name, Extension, Date, etc, …) - You can do most of file operations with only keyboard interface so it’s simple and fast. (Of course you can customise input interface or do it with mouse action) - Copy & Paste file work support like Windows Explorer. - Advanced filtering support in file work. - Quick searching by typing. - Multithreaded file work support (copy, move, delete) - Advanced file searching (by name matching, date, size and contents) - Easy and fast folder bookmark and history management. - You can customise look-and-feel to what you want. - zip & unzip files & folders. When you manage many files and folders zCommander will be greatest helper for you.