Zendone for GTD

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Zendone is a task management app based on GTD® (Getting Things Done), the popular productivity method by David Allen. - 100% based on the GTD method and vocabulary - Seamless integration with Evernote and Google Calendar - Each piece where it belongs with explicit support for GTD lists: projects, next actions, calendar actions, waiting for, someday/maybe list, ticklers... - Explicit support for GTD inbox processing. Collect your stuff anywhere thanks to Evernote ubiquity and process it in Zendone. Keep your inbox clean! - Powerful system for dates: calendar dates, deadline, deferred actions (start dates), recurring actions, ticklers… - Support for GTD incubating lists: someday/maybe and ticklers - Cloud-based sync: use Zendone anywhere, with apps for iPhone, iPad, web browsers and Mac. - Innovative system for managing your next actions so that you can focus only on what's next in your life. Projects are outcomes that require a sequence of actions . But you can create groups of actions within a project that can be executed in parallel. - Active community of GTD and productivity practitioners: https://community.zendone.com If generic todo software is not making it for you, maybe it’s time for a change! You can find out more about Zendone and GTD on www.zendone.com.