Archer Editor Pro

OS X 10.9.0
With the Archer Editor Pro you can quickly create reactive vector graphic visualizations for your website, app, human machine interface (HMI) or Internet of Things (loT) project. Start with any SVG file and simply design how the graphic’s elements should react to the data. Export the result and integrate it in your software project with minimal effort. The Archer Editor Pro contains two powerful features on top of the free Archer Editor. It is best for business solutions that require smooth time based SVG transitions. This can dramatically improve the user experience and visual effects of your application. In case you have several similar elements within your SVG that need to react in the same behaviour: just copy and paste the behaviour and save countless clicks. Archer graphics are based on the standard web technologies SVG and JavaScript and run cross-platform on mobile apps using WebView (iOS, Android), Apache Cordova and desktop apps based on Electron, nw.js or any other web container. Key Features of the Archer Editor Pro • define variables that will drive your graphical transformations • create transformations that rotate, translate, scale or change the style of graphic elements • replace text and images according to variable values • get immediate visual feedback of your graphic’s behavior • use keyframes to design specific states of the graphic • add/remove linear interpolations between keyframes • time based transitions • behaviour copy/paste • includes unbranded Archer Runtime JavaScript Library Your Pro advantage • all Archer Editor Pro users get personal e-mail support for the design and integration of Archer graphics (see Help) • once the Archer Cloud reaches productive status all Archer Editor Pro users will get special feature packages and discounts • more Pro features are under development Great news for all business customers From now on the Archer Runtime JavaScript Library is Open Source and free to use under the MIT license.