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If you regularly post on Twitter and Facebook, this app was made for you. And in case you also manage multiple Twitter accounts or Facebook pages, this is the app you are going to fall in love with. Crosspost is the ultimate app for posting at once on multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts or pages! Today, your only option is to link your Twitter account with Facebook, but this comes with a few problems: - You can't post messages longer than 140 characters - Links are shortened in the '' form - Links lose the preview on Facebook - You can't post on Twitter without posting on Facebook too Crosspost solves all these problems. You can post as multiple Twitter and Facebook users or pages, with a few very handy features: - The app lives in your status bar, always a click (or a keyboard shortcut) away - There is a 'twitter selector', that lets you highlight the text to post on Twitter only, for example in case you want to write on Facebook a status update that's longer than 140 characters - You can select multiple accounts and pages to post on at once - There is a handy "get from browser" button, that gets link and title from the current active page in your browser (works with Chrome and Safari) - When you post a message that contains a link, on Facebook the link preview is preserved - There is an option for auto-removing hashtags when posting the same message on Twitter and Facebook - Global shortcut (ctrl+shift+p) - Optimized for Retina display And if you have autoposting from Twitter to Facebook enabled, you can disable it at (bottom of the page). Developed by @cescobaz @Facens @pennadl